Residential Energy Audits & Thermal Imaging

There are property inspectors and there are those who pose as inspectors. Their backgrounds and experience are at opposite ends of the spectrum as is their ability to perform a meaningful inspection.

With more than forty (40) years experience, InspectRite inspectors have a working knowledge of construction, not something which they read in a pamphlet while studying for their license. Our working knowledge of building construction is the very reason we invite our clients to accompany us on their inspection. In that way, we can provide a continual narrative of what is being inspected, why a given item is a flaw that requires attention and the proper method of correction. InspectRite always intends to add meaning to each inspection, not just a compilation of computer generated terms that have little relevancy to the specific property. We always welcome our client’s questions and seek to provide full explanations as to property conditions. Repeatedly, our clients comment as to how much they learn during the inspection process.

It is always our intention to provide our clients with the most accurate description of the condition of the property in question. We are never swayed by opposing input or influenced by realtors or sellers. Our report is always honest, complete and factual, other views notwithstanding. We present the report, you decide how best to use it.

Obviously, our clients have the right to choose the inspector of their choice; we would have it no other way. If, however, you choose InspectRite for your inspection you are assured of a quality inspection and our sincere appreciation.