Construction Management Services

Are you having a construction firm build a completely new home to your specifications? How do you know the contractor isn't taking shortcuts or skimping on quality for a fastest completion time? The only real way to know is through progress reports conducted by a certified home inspector.

InspectRite inspectors have more than 40 years of general construction experience and can readily assess each degree of completion by subcontractors prior to  the funding of draws. Additionally, our inspectors have the experience and ability to report on the quality of each level of construction

If InspectRite is placed in charge of your construction, we will review the contract and blueprints. A schedule of inspections is established whereby each phase of construction is inspected before the next phase is begun. A written report of each inspection is submitted to the client with authorization for the contractor to proceed with the next phase. Should a defect be discovered contractor in any phase of the building cycle, payment is withheld until corrections are completed.

Protect Your Investment

Off-site general contractors can depend upon InspectRite to impartially inspect and evaluate the work of sub-contractors. Often potential building owners mistakenly think that no certified building inspection is necessary during construction or after completion of a new building, only InspectRite can protect your interest during the entire building process.

Our final inspection should be conducted before settlement with builder and sub-contractors. Better yet, let us inspect every phase of construction while in progress. With extensive experience in the building industry, our inspectors know what to look for and often uncover “shortcuts” being attempted by the contractors.

InspectRite will follow every step of the construction and advise you of the quality of the work as it progresses.