Professional Mold Inspection

So you don't see any mold on your bathroom walls or down in your basement; that means you don't have a mold problem, right? Not a chance.

This is an incredibly common misconception regarding mold. Remember, mold thrives in high humidity, high moisture and low light areas. Ask yourself this: how often do you spend time inside your walls or the crawlspace underneath your house? That's where the mold is hiding!

In reality, by the time mold is visible in your home or office building, it is already in advanced stages of growth and poses a serious health risk. Keep in mind, 75% of the homes and offices that we've serviced initially showed no visible signs of mold, but needed drastic remediation efforts to clear out the contamination.

A Necessary Inspection

You suspect your home or office has a mold issue - what next? You could always pick up a home test kit and do your own testing; but do you know the crucial trouble areas to test? Do you have a way to test air quality and humidity levels inside the walls of your home? And besides all of that, what are you going to do with the test information that you receive?

When InspectRite tests for mold in your home or office, you have the guarantee that it's going to be a thorough inspection. We take into account the whole picture: property history and condition, inhabitant health issues, weather conditions and findings from a complete visual inspection. Once we receive the tests from an independent lab, we compile all these factors into a report that explains the problem, the root cause and the most effective solution to protect your family's health.

So you think you've got a mold problem? Call InspectRite at 304-222-7573 right now - we're going to have your solution.

A Detailed Report

A lab report is not a mold inspection report. An independent lab will create a report of raw results and numbers, there's no interpretation or explanation. A mold inspector handing you the lab results of a mold test would be like a doctor handing you results of a blood test and expect you to treat yourself.

An InspectRite mold report takes all the raw data from the lab and creates a clear analysis of the findings. The lab results of each tested area are clearly explained, with the type of mold and the concentration levels noted.

Additionally, a lab report doesn't include any of the specific information found during an on-site inspection. First hand observation from a certified mold inspector is invaluable; they will always see things that laboratory testing doesn't take into account. An InspectRite report gives each client a wealth of information to empower them to make the right decision for their property.

Each 15-20 page report explores the following:

• Background of the building
• Credentials of the inspector
• Results of visual inspection
• Surface sampling and results
• Air test results
• Interpretation of lab results
• Glossary of necessary terms and mold types
• Conclusions of the inspections
• Recommendations based on results

When it comes to fully understanding the extent of mold growth in your home, less is never more. An InspectRite mold report is purposefully detailed for the benefit of each client, with easy to understand interpretations and objective recommendations.

Professional Mold Inspection in WV